City to Consider Protesting Liquor License

Wichita Falls City Council is being asked to consider protesting the renewal of a permit for one local business. And it's the Wichita Falls Police Department that's asking them to do it.

Councilors will consider the matter Tuesday morning at the first City Council meeting of 2011. According to the meeting agenda the club has had 356 police calls in reference to it in the last 15 months. Eighty of those were disturbance calls.

Club co-owner David Brooks said he feels the whole issue is a big misunderstanding and thinks it will be resolved. Brooks said he acknowledges the calls but many of them aren't related to Texas Showgirls.

According to Brooks, a lot of the problem stems from he and his business partner opening the after-hours club Expose. That, he said, has brought a bad element to the parking are between the buildings leading to many of the calls.

Brooks also said he has asked the PD for help patrolling the parking lot and has asked to hire off-duty officers for the club. brooks said police told him they can't hire out officers for establishments that serve alcohol. Brooks also said officers suggested he hire his own private security. The problem with that6, he said, is no one will send him armed guards.

Brooks also said a lot of the activity is gang related, which is too much to ask him to deal with. And is spilling into his parking lot from neighboring establishments as they close. That is why Brooks and his partner closed Expose last month.

Brooks said he plans to try and work this out with the Police before the City Council meeting. Deputy Chief Manuel Borrego said he won't comment until after councilors reach a decision. But, he would be happy to then.

Council will meet at 8:30 a.m. in Municipal Auditorium. To view the upcoming WF City Council agenda click here .

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.