Firework Stands Open for those Last Minute Buyers

The pops and bangs of fireworks will be heard tonight, and firework stands are doing all they can to sell out before the end of the year.  Despite the cold, windy, weather you could be sure to find last minute buyers.

"It's no Fourth of July in sales, but it's a sale for local shops.

"I'd say we've been average just like any New Year's Eve season," said Russell Nettles, owner and operator of Russell's Fireworks.

Off Highway 79 heading northbound Russell's Fireworks managed to find a steady flow of customers.

"We bring the kids down here to visit their grandparents, we come and get fireworks because
it's the once in the year that we can do it," said Lisa Randall.

"We were going back home actually and we saw the sign and we though let's try it and check it out so we stopped," said Christina Billarreal.

Not all the places were so busy.  Alamo Fireworks off I-44 says because of the fire advisory and the cold weather not too many people came by, leaving sales slower than years past, but there were some.

"We just got some fire crackers, but I personally wanted more," Marcus Lander said jokingly.

Both stands had plenty to choose from, from the small cheap fireworks to the larger expensive ones, but this year there wasn't any particular hot item.

"Some people like fountains, some people like artillery shells. I got all kinds of merchandise here," said Nettles.

As fun as lighting up the night sky can be, it's also dangerous, but there is a tip Russell has just in case anything should happen.

"I like a bucket of water with an old mop put in it.  Just use some common sense, just like anything else you want to be careful," he said.

It is illegal to shoot off fireworks in any counties with burn bans.  Right now those include Clay, Montague and Archer.  You can pop fireworks in Wichita County, but not inside the city limits where you could face up to a $2,000 fine.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.