Traffic Stop Leads To Possible Meth Bust

A traffic stop leads Wichita County Deputies to a possible meth making operation Sunday afternoon.
It happened in the 500-block of Astin just after noon.

A car was being stopped for an expired registration when it pulled into a driveway. When deputies approached the vehicle they could smell chemicals associated with methamphetamine. A search warrant was obtained for both the house the car pulled up to and the car itself. Chemicals were found inside the home.

Corporal Mark Whipple with the Wichita County Sheriff's Office told Newschannel 6, "Well right now we have the components for a lab that we're still going through. We're fixing to conduct some interviews. The investigation is still on going."
A man and a woman who were in the car were taken into custody.  We will continue to follow this story as the investigation continues.