New Car Insurance Law Could Make Rates Go Up

A new car insurance law has gone into effect and it could make your insurance rates jump.

The new law increases minimum coverage from $25,000 to $30,000 for each person injured in an accident and raises the total cost per accident from $50,000 to $60,000.

That translates to a roughly three percent increase in premiums for drivers carrying minimum coverage.

Although the law offers more protection for injured motorists, many people believe it doesn't do enough.

A legal expert professor says the real problem involves motorists caught without insurance.

"Where is the teeth, where are the teeth for uninsured motorists?" asked Professor Gerald Treece. "Why haven't we enforced those laws? How many times do we have to write a ticket before you are a repeat offender?"

Drivers have the option to purchase uninsured motorist coverage, which will cover the cost of injuries caused by motorists without insurance or without enough insurance.

The new law leaves the minimum amount required for property damage per accident at $25,000.