Mega Millions Fever Hits Texoma, Gas Stations Loving it

A multi-million dollar jackpot is up for grabs Tuesday night.  The Mega Millions Jackpot is set at $355 million dollars, the highest it's been in years.  Texomans are taking notice.  For gas stations it's jackpot fever and they're loving it.  It means more business for them.

For just $1 Texomans played a hand in Tuesday night's Mega Millions jackpot.
"The only reason I got it is because of the what if factor," said ticket buyer, Carl Myers.
"I don't normally play, but for the amount it's worth the risk," said Jesse Linderman.

Both men made a stop inside the Fas Pac gas station off Windthorst, a place known for being lucky.
"Some people win $1,000, a couple hundred.  I want to say we had a lady win $30,000 off a scratch off," said worker Tiffany Broom.

For those that are actually choosing to play the game, good luck.  The odds of actually
winning are 1 and 176 million.

"There's always that chance," said Linderman.

Some spent just a few bucks on their ticket while others spent more for a better chance to win.

"$5. I got five tickets," said Myers. "$20 on the mega," said Peggy Parks.

Because of the big crowds pouring into the gas stations, it also means more money flowing in.

"If they stop and they're coming to get gas, they're going to get tickets and soda and everything else," said Broom.

"There's been people coming in, that would just come to buy a drink they would see that today is the day and they'll get it," said Vanessa Elonzo with Texas Saver Gas Station.

Despite the sluggish economy, people scrapped their dimes and quarters together for a chance to walk out with Tuesday night's winning jackpot.

"With that kind of money, I have no idea," said Myers.

Tickets are sold in 41 states and the District of Columbia.  Texas has had eight Mega Millions jackpot winners since joining the game in December 2003.

To win you must match all five white balls and the mega ball.  To see if you're tonight's big winner we have the lottery number on our website, just click here.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.