Residents React After Recent Meth Busts

In the past four days, five different Meth busts have gone down, sending a total of 16 people behind bars.  Authorities are cracking down on the drug ring, but is it enough?

Most people were simply afraid to talk on camera, but they were happy authorities are putting a stop to all the drug violence, but some still ask for them to do even more.

Since 1963 Beth Watson has lived on Astin street and has slowly seen the neighborhood deteriorate.  Years back she says you could just walk outside all day and night, nowadays it's different.

"You don't dare.  You don't know what they'll do, drug addicts they can do anything," said Watson.

On Sunday two people were taken into custody for possession and manufacture of Meth and she hopes they stay behind bars for a long time.

"I think they should go in there for the rest of their life, because they will mess up a bunch of children," said Watson.

Astin street was just one of five different homes raided for Meth, the others:  Clover, Monroe, Wenonah, and Featherston.

"I was pretty shocked that it was right down the street," said Richard Lank.

Lank and his family live just down the way from the Featherston home that was found
to be a Meth house.
"I didn't know that something like that under our nose was going on," said Lank.

Both Lank and Watson were pleased to see that authorities are cracking down on the users and makers of Meth, even if it means in their neighborhood, because it's one more bad guy off the streets

"If there's more hopefully they're going to get out of here, it's a message to everyone out there
that's still doing it.  We got these five and we're going to get more," said Lank.

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