Digging For Answers About 3rd Suspect In Kidnapping Case

The Wichita Falls police department is releasing the identity of a second suspect believed to be involved in an aggravated kidnapping.

Police told Newschannel 6 that on December 14th the victim went to a home in the 2000 block of Polk thinking he was going to hang out. According to police affidavits we obtained, three suspects had other plans. Officers said the victim was held for more than five hours against his will. They said the victim was able to stab the first person arrested in the case, 24 year old Adam lamb, with scissors. The victim then escaped.

Now police are telling us 30 year old Bobby Crocker was an accomplice, and even punched the victim. Crocker has been charged for aggravated kidnapping, the same charges suspect Lamb is facing. Tonight Newschannel 6 is continuing to ask police about the third suspect, and if that person has also been arrested. As always Newschannel 6 will bring you the up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available.