Faith Mission Prepared for those Seeking Shelter from the Cold

This cold weather has everyone turning to a warm place, for many that's Faith Mission.  Right after Thanksgiving the mission starts seeing a rush of people and that number peaks during cold days like Sunday.  More people are turning to them to stay warm.

Faith Mission began preparing for blistering cold temperatures, seven months ago.

"When we receive blankets we keep 'em, jackets in the clothing room, all of that stuff
is held before the winter strikes," said Program Director at Faith Mission, Manuel Moreno.

It's certainly paid off with all the clothes they held in storage.  They have enough to go around especially on days like Sunday when they're packed to capacity.

"A full house, it's about 110 to 115 and that's with some people on mats on the floor," said Moreno.

"Today I worked on the dock and we've just been unloading donations that have been coming
in," said Ron Thompson.

Thompson is involved in a recovery program at Faith Mission, he lives, eats, and works there and has noticed more people seeking a warm bed and meal come in.

"We probably feed more, probably 60 percent more people than we had back in November," he said.

Thanks to local citizens Moreno says they're not running low on supplies either.

"We have enough right now, but we can always us more."

When the weather become bearable in a few months many of the people who use Faith Missions resources will leave and find another place to stay.

We also want to remind you News Channel 6 is currently holding a coat and blanket drive that benefits those at Faith Mission.

You can drop off your new or gently used coats and blankets at our studios located at 3601 Seymour Highway.  The drive ends on February 25.  If you've already donated, thank you.

Crystal Hall News Channel 6.