12-Week Transformation Set To Change Lifestyles

New Year's Resolutions don't always last -- especially health-related ones.  But a nationwide program is set to help people keep their goals up permanently.  It's called the 12-Week Transformation.  Nancy Martin, 44, thought it was the perfect program for her to continue with after she lost a significant amount of weight.

"I was able to see the really big differences my body could make through exercise.  That got me excited and then I started going about the process of really wanting to transform my body," she said.

With a combination of endurance training, high-intensity workouts, eating right, Martin says the program is a way to keep her focused and motivated.

Although the local Gold's Gym club has participated in similar programs before, this is the first nationwide effort, with a $75,000 prize up for grabs.  Personal Trainer Ross Alexander says it's more than a contest, because the goal is permanent changes.

"The word we hate to use in the fitness industry is 'diet' because a diet is so temporary.  You want to basically have a lifestyle," he said.

One of the first things Martin wants to transform is her family history of heart disease and diabetes.

"I wanna put that in reverse as much as possible.  That's my big thing is making myself more fit," she said.

In addition, she wants to inspire other women, no matter their age.

"I hope that when people look at me in 11 weeks from now they go, 'Wow!  Look at the change.  Look what she did in 11 weeks.  If she can do that, what can I do with myself?'" she said.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6