How To Protect Pipes From Freezing Temps

Texoma plumbers we talked with say they haven't had any calls yet this year for freezing pipes.  That's a big difference from all the calls they had last year with Christmas Blizzard '09.

James Lane plumber Randy Cockrell said if it's windy, temperatures don't even have to be below 32 degrees to cause problems.

"It can be a real big problem. some of the crawl spaces in town... I'm a big guy and can't fit under there. Sometimes we have to look at taking floors up to get to the problem," Cockrell said.

That's why it's important to board up any crawl spaces, especially if they are on the north facing side of the house.

Cockrell also said to put insulation on pipes, to remove hoses from outside faucets and leave indoor faucets dripping overnight.

If your pipes freeze but don't burst use a hair drier to evenly spread out heat on the pipe, and don't use any open flames such as a blow torch.

If you notice a leak, head straight to your main water valve and turn it off.  Then call your plumber and insurance agent.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6