Congressman Thornberry's Reaction To AZ Shooting

Newschannel 6 spoke with District 13 U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry about the Arizona shooting and what he thought about security for officials. He said it's not a problem when officials are in Washington, but concerns are higher when they are traveling outside the nation's capitol.

"I think once everybody disperses out in the country, then it's up to the individual members and law enforcement in the individual communities to look at the terror or any threats that may be there and to deal with them in whatever seems to make sense."

He also added that tragedy can strike anytime and anywhere.

"Common sense has to play a role. Could tragedy occur? Of course it could, in the same way that when we're driving down the highway somebody could veer and hit you head-on, but that doesn't mean that there needs to be overwhelming security at every school board meeting. Again, common sense usually shows us the way through these problems."

Coming up tonight at 9, we'll have Congressman Thornberry's answers about exactly how taxpayers' money is going towards security for officials and how crowds requiring security could be advantageous for terrorists.