City Prepared for Problems Frigid Temperatures Create

The freezing cold weather has the City of Wichita Falls on standby.  Crews are ready to go, should anything serious happen these next few nights.

An important measure they take is to monitor the weather.  They also look for is slick, icy streets and will send trucks out if needed to de-ice it, but that hasn't been the case Tuesday.  Though if things get any worse you can expect to see them out.

The city began preparing for slick, icy conditions back in September.

"We first look at our materials, make sure we have plenty of materials on hand," said Deputy Director of Public Works, Teresa Rose.

The city looks at their trucks and makes sure the blades and scrappers work properly so when frigid days hit they can rest assured knowing all their resources are set.

"As always we have personnel on standby.  We have the spreader trucks ready to go at all times and then we work very closely with police dispatch," said Rose.

Dispatch will notify the department if they get enough reports of slick streets and if conditions get icy enough crews will distribute Icy Chat.  Icy Chat is a material that melts the ice on roads,
the busiest streets like Kemp are one of the first in line to get it.  Though Rose says hospitals are at the top of the list as well as ambulance areas, fire stations and schools.

As far as water leaks they expect to see a spike in the number of reports, and those crews
are ready should anything happen and you should be too.

"Be cautious when you see a water leak because most likely that water will freeze fairly quickly," said Rose.

Temperatures are expected to drop even more and it's likely standby crews will be called out.

If you notice any kind of city water leak you need to contact them.  That number is 761-4333.

News Channel 6 will continue to monitor the weather conditions for you, stay tuned to us and to for the latest information on road conditions and closures.