Stay Warm And Save Money

With this freezing spell across Texoma, many people will be cranking up those heaters to stay warm.

To make sure your electric or gas bill isn't sky high, Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers has some energy saving tips to help you keep warm without breaking the bank.

First, make sure all air leaks are sealed, whether it be around windows, doors or even light sockets.

"Duct tape is great for filling holes in walls or around doors. Caulking around windows is also very cheap. Those keeps the cold draft out and are simple things you can do," Mike Nieto with Oncor said.

An easy way to help keep the warm air in and cold air out is to open drapes during the day to take advantage of the sunlight and close them at night to help with draft prevention.

By making sure your attic is properly insulated, you can save up to 30 percent on your heating bill.

Nieto said one of the easiest energy efficient improvements many people forget about is changing the air filter.

"Whenever you have a clogged filter, your unit has to work harder. Also, you need to have your unit services at least once a year," he said.

Oncor suggests keeping your thermostat set to 68 degrees.

When you leave for a long period of time you can save money by turning it down significantly, like maybe an extra 15 degrees.

But don't turn it all the way off, because depending on the temperature outside, you may risk freezing pipes.

Also, if you use several space heaters, you may actually be using more energy than just running your home system.

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Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6