Wichita Falls Mayor Holds Town Hall Forum

Wichita Falls Mayor Glen Barham hosted the first Town Hall Forum of the new year Tuesday night.
The Mayor along with much of the city staff was in District 1. Councilor Michael Smith was there for the meeting as well. These forums give citizens a chance to ask questions on any city business.
One topic of discussion was the new Animal Service Center. It's a shelter for Wichita Falls animals to go instead of the Wichita County Humane Society.
Wichita County Director of Health Lou Franklin gave our crews tips to keep your pets safe during this frigid winter season.

Franklin said, " When you're winterizing your home, if you have a dog that stays outside and you can't bring them in at night. Check your dogs houses and make sure that they're secure and the wind isn't going to come in, and that they have appropriate amount of bedding."

Also up for discussion, a possible new transit station near Scott street estimated to cost $4-million.
Two more Town Hall Forums are scheduled, District 3 will get a chance to sound off in March at Cunningham Elementary.
In May District 5 will get to voice their concerns at City View High School.