Superbowl XLV Giving Arlington A Face Lift

As countdown to kickoff continues, the Cowboys Stadium transforms itself from the home of America's team, to a stage for a worldwide event.

Workers are hammering together new event venues in the stadium parking lot.

Arlington is preparing traffic control for the throng of fans.

But who would think this is part of hosting the Superbowl?

A tired neighborhood near the stadium will get a facelift thanks to a program called kickoff to rebuild.

The NFL sanctioned organization will bring in an army of volunteers to rebuild these homes, restore the neighborhood, and leave a legacy long after the Superbowl leaves town.

"I think its quite a blessing for our neighborhood to be picked. There are some houses that are really getting quite a bit of work done and the people need it," homeowner Joycelyn McDaniel said.

There is 15,700 square feet of new facility at Arlington's newly opened $5.2 million airport terminal.

Its designed to handle more than a hundred corporate jets a day.

It's a project that took off when Arlington landed the Superbowl.

"I think we're seeing an evolution in Arlington. Its not all Superbowl related. We were going to do this project. But that certainly kicked us in the pants to do it sooner," Mayor Robert Cluck said.

They are all projects intended to put on a good face for visitors, but they've changed the face of Arlington for years to come.