Olney Cracking Down on Burglaries

Over the past three weeks the City of Olney has seen three businesses burglarized.  In order to catch the suspects accused of the crime, the city started up a new program, similar to Crimestoppers.  

The city will offer money to people who call in and eventually lead to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for their recent string of burglaries and those to come.

"The $100 reward in my opinion would maybe bring someone forward that would normally not come forward," said Police Chief Steven Wheeler.

One-hundred dollars is only the starting the point.  Chief Wheeler thought of the idea because he wants to crack down on the crime in Olney and clean up the town.

Local business owner Anwar Chaghani says the initiative is a good start.

"Maybe someone needs $100 and will give you information and that would be good," said Chaghani.

His store has been burglarized twice in the past year.  Just recently was three weeks ago when thieves broke the glass to get inside the store and took all the cigarettes.  He lost out on a little more than $1,000.

"I replaced the glass.  I called City Glass in Wichita Falls and they replaced the glass," he said.

The first time it was burglarized they stole plenty of merchandise costing him a total of $5,000.  Now he plans on upgrading the store with more security.

The idea of the program was that of Police Chief Wheeler.  He proposed it to council on Monday and it was approved.  The program is not in place just yet, council now needs to write up an ordinance for it.  That should be done and approved by their next meeting later this month.

The police department is currently investigating the recent burglaries.  Olney police arrested one person responsible for the burglary of one of the businesses.  The are still investigating the other two crimes.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.