Man Sentenced To 60 Years For Assault Family Violence

A Wilbarger County Jury has sentenced Juan Domingo Hill, 33, to 60 years for assault family-violence with a prior conviction.

Authorities said police responded to a 911 call in August of last year at a convenience store located on west Wilbarger Street in Vernon. The caller reported seeing a woman who appeared to have been severely beaten.

Vernon police eventually found the victim at a nearby residence. She said she and Juan Hill had gone out on the evening of August 22 to celebrate his birthday.  She said they drank alcohol at a party and later had a disagreement. She went to their home on Marshall Street and minutes later Hill arrived. Police said Hill began hitting the victim on the face and body with his fists. She fled to a convenience store then stopped at a friend's home nearby. Police said Hill found the victim at the house and started beating her again.

The Wilbarger County District Attorney Staley Heatly said the victim "suffered trauma all over her body... her face was covered with blood to the point that (the friend) didn't recognize her."

The jury returned a verdict of guilty on Wednesday afternoon. They deliberated for only 22 minutes. At the punishment phase of the trial, Heatly introduced additional judgments that showed Hill had previously been convicted of three prior felonies in Oklahoma, including felony domestic abuse, felony false declaration of pawn ownership, and felony burglary.  In addition, Hill, of Altus, OK, had been convicted of possession of marijuana in Wilbarger County in 2001.  Because of the prior convictions, the punishment range in Hill's case was increased to 25 years to life in prison.  During the punishment phase, the jury deliberated for 45 minutes before coming back with the verdict of 60 years in prison.