Clay County Junior Livestock Show Brings Community Together

Even with chilly temperatures outside in Henrietta, it's just right inside the Agriscience Center Everyone's bustling around for the Clay County Junior Livestock Show is underway.  Student, who got out of school early for the 34th Annual show, have been working for months raising their animals.

"You prepare daily, every day and you just get ready for the big show," said Junior Alli Forrester.  She's been raising a hog, and is one of nearly 280 students who have been caring for, feeding, and grooming various types of livestock. She loves having the responsibility that goes along with it.

"My favorite part is the self-satisfaction you get out of it in the end.  You know, workin' hard all year and then being able to say 'I did this.  I raised a pig.'  So hopefully all our hard work pays off," she said.

And a payoff is what Freshman Klayton Hoff is hoping for his goat, too.

"I hope to make the sale at least, just to get some money off of it and put it up for next year," he said.

But there are only 75 sale slots for the animals, so the competition can get tough.  Even with ribbons and prizes aside, the event is huge for Clay County.  Show board advisor Eduardo Cordero guesses about 75% of the whole county participates in some way or another.

"One thing I've learned here from Clay County, it's all about tradition.  As far as the community's concerned, I think it's top priority," he said.

"You get a chance to meet new people and stuff that you've never seen or anything like that," Hoff said.

The livestock show continues in Henrietta tonight and tomorrow.  Click here to see the agenda for the 34th Annual Clay County Junior Livestock Show.

Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6