Fake Craigslist Personals Ad Has Texoma Talking

Wichita County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a complaint of online harassment. A woman claims that her estranged ex-husband posted an ad in the personals section of Craigslist.org with her cell phone number. Since then, she says she has received many harassing text messages.

The story has Texoma talking. Newschannel 6 posted a status on our facebook page, saying we were working on the story. Within an hour, dozens of people posted comments. One of the posters was a woman who had been though a similar experience.

Amanda Evans posted an ad on the Galveston Craigslist web site, looking for love "It was a personal ad. It was in the Woman for Man section and it had a picture of me and it told a little about me and what I was looking for," she said.

Her information wound up in all the wrong places. "Somebody, and I'm not sure who, took my info and posted it on the Casual Encounters section with my picture, my name and 4 or 5 different ads," she said.

Casual Encounters is a section that Amanda describes as, "A no strings attached sexual encounters section of the web site," – not a section on which she wanted her information.

She complained to Craigslist.org, but says the posts were never taken down. Over the next month, her inbox was flooded with explicit messages and inappropriate photographs.

Deputy Melvin Joyner says the case in Texoma has been turned over to Detectives. They are investigating to see if any charges should be filed against the man. If any charges are filed, Joyner says it would probably be Telephone Harassment.

In addition to the facebook comments, many people in Texoma are speaking-out. Kaj Salsman, a Midwestern State University Student, is furious. "No matter how much you hate a person or what they have done to you, you don't put their number on the Internet," she said. Crystal Wright is equally upset by the idea of someone posting a number online. "That's something that should be private, nobody should have it unless you give it to them," she said.

Amanda says she still uses Craigslist for other things, but no longer in the search for true love. To those seeing companionship she suggests using other web sites. To the people who post the fraudulent ads, her message is clear: "Get a life! Find something better to do," she said.

Amanda's story came to Newschannel 6 through a facebook comment, yours can too. We want to know what you think about this story. Join dozens of others in the conversation on our facebook or Twitter. We may use your thoughts on-air.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6