Electric Bills Won't Go Up, For Now

The Wichita Falls City Council met this morning to decide, among other things, if your electric bill will be going up.

They voted to suspend the February 14 deadline for ONCOR to raise your rate. The council can suggest a settlement instead of adopting a rate or the steering committee of cities will decide if the increase is lawful.

ONCOR wants to raise rates by 15% for residential delivery. That equals about $60 more per year for the average customer.

Councilors also voted to grant Wichita Star Taxi a five year franchise.

In August, the taxi cab company was granted a temporary franchise to operate in the city.

It would have expired next month. City staff said that Wichita Star worked well with the city during the temporary franchise period. The company also meets all the new requirements for franchised companies in Wichita Falls. Those were re-written and approved at the council's December meeting.