Drivers Feel Pain at the Pump

Gas is surging and there's no denying it's affecting everyone.

AAA reports the national average at $3.097 and right here in Texas the average is $2.95 up from $2.61 a gallon one year ago.  A recent report on gasoline demand shows the demand to fill up was down 12 percent during the last week of 2010, the lowest consumption since days after Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005.

Globally other counties like China and India the need is much higher and because of that the price of crude oil is reaching closer and closer to $100 a barrel, and there's no denying its effect.

"I have two teenagers driving and when you have to fill up four tanks of gas, it costs a lot," said driver Patty Houston.  Sunday evening she spent $43 on filling up her tank, though she says usually it's around $30.

Another Texoma Driver, Brandon Stewart, says the surge in gas has him and his wife questioning just how much they'll spend on other necessities like groceries, because of that they set a limit on how much they spend at the pump.

"We're trying to not go over $45 because it's so tight," he said.

We asked you on our Newschannel 6 Facebook page what you thought of the rising gas prices and Tommy Lewis Rose said, "it costs $10 roundtrip from Burkburnett to Wichita Falls on a daily basis."

Nancy Kanady says she's taking fewer trip because it's, "too expensive to just go around on useless trips."

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