Do You Suffer From 'Mommy Thumbs'?

Taking care of young children usually leaves you with your hands full.  Those little ones may be small in size, but they get heavy fast!

If you spend much of the day picking up children and suffer from burning or pain in your wrist or thumb, you may be suffering from De Quervain's tendonitis- better known as Mommy Thumbs.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers looked into this condition and found out after talking with a orthopedic surgeon on Wichita Falls, it is fairly common in Texoma.

"It's basically a more severe form of tendonitis, which is associated with several of the tendons that go to the thumb because they pass over the back of the wrist," Dr. Joshua Schacter said.

Dr. Schacter said Mommy Thumbs is common in mothers or daycare workers who are constantly lifting or cradling children.

He said it's all in the technique.  Instead of cocking back your wrist when picking up a kid, do it more from your arm and shoulder.

Some doctors speculate factors in the recent number of cases could have to do with heavier babies and older mothers.

"Women are waiting longer due to professional situation and education to have babies at a later age. So, maybe those older patients are more prone to these sorts of tendon problems," Dr. Schacter said.

But, Dr. Schacter said it's extremely unlikely age alone has any bearing on this problem.

Low cribs and constant scrolling on smartphones also contribute to Mommy Thumb, but the main culprit is picking up kids under their arms with your hands and thumbs extended in an 'L' shape.

Dr. Schacter said the best way to treat Mommy Thumbs is to just simply not use the affected hand or wrist for a few weeks.

That will allow the inflammation to go down.

Although in a few rare cases, some patients do have to get local steroid injections or even have surgery.

Lindsey Rogers, Newschannel 6