Former Texoma Coach in Jail

A former Texoma football coach is behind bars and he will be there for the next 100 days after being charged with having an improper relationship with a student.

Twenty-seven-year-old Brandon Roberts, the head football coach in Crowell joined the district back in 2007.  He coached until he was released in 2010.

The relationship between Roberts and the female student began back in 2008, but authorities didn't hear about it until the spring of 2010.

"Thee investigation started when an anonymous letter was left at the Foard County Sheriff's Office and that letter detailed the complaints that Mr. Roberts had an improper relationship with a student," said District Attorney Staley Heatly.

The Texas Rangers shortly followed that complaint with interviews and they found the coach and student were in contact on a daily basis.  Roberts soon initiated the bond that would last for several months.

"He'll spend the next 100 days in the Childress County Jail, after he serves his 100 days
he'll be put on probation for a period of 10 years and he'll pay a fine of $5,00 and do
100 hours of community service," said Heatly.

Roberts can no longer teach in the state, he had to give up his license.

As for the family Heatly says they're happy with the outcome and the community is looking to move past this incident

"I think people are probably relieved to have this over with and now they can move on and focus on moving forward."

The young woman is now attending college.  In 2009 Roberts led the Crowell Wildcats to an 8 and 3 record and to the second round of the playoffs.

We put in an open record request into the Childress County jail to get Roberts' mug shot, we are still awaiting that request.

Crystal Hall

News Channel 6.