MSU President's Response to Proposed Education Cuts

Yesterday the House Appropriations Bill was filed in Austin. This proposed budget for fiscal years 2012 and 2013 recommends appropriations for Midwestern State University being reduced from $26.8 million to $24.2 million, which is a reduction of $2.6 million each year or $5.2 million for the biennium. Large reductions in general revenue appropriations from the state were anticipated but the level of these reductions were not. While the Senate version of the bill has not yet been filed, it is anticipated that it will not differ greatly from the House version.

The university has been working, for some time, in preparation for significant reductions in our budget. For the time being, the university will freeze the issuance of new contracts or employment notices until budget planning is complete. I appointed three committees in the fall to study the university's operation and recommend cost efficiencies. The work of the committees should be complete in the next few weeks. The administration anticipates reporting to the Board of Regents on February 11, the general outline for reducing the budget.

There is little doubt that reductions of this size will change higher education in Texas and it will certainly require changes in operations at Midwestern State University. It is our hope that reductions can be made without furloughs or without dismissing persons now employed. However, open positions will not be filled and operational budgets throughout the university will have to be significantly reduced.

The full effect of necessary budget reductions will not be known until later in the legislative process.

                                                                 -Jesse Rogers, President Midwestern State University