United Invitational Schedule Changes

Due to bad weather expected on Thursday, that day's games in the United Invitational girls' soccer tournament have been postponed.

Here is the updated Varsity Schedule:


9 AM Games:

Memorial: HHS vs. Palo Duro
McNiel: WFHS vs. Randall
MSU: RHS vs. Abilene

1 PM Games:

Memorial: Burk vs. Texas
McNiel: RHS JVA vs. PaloDuro
Field E: Little Elm vs. Abilene

5 PM Games:

Memorial: RHS vs. WFHS
McNiel: Burk vs. RHS JVA
Field E: Little Elm vs. Randall
MSU: Texas vs. HHS


9 AM Games:

Memorial: Abilene vs. WFHS
McNiel: HHS vs. Burk
Field E: Palo Duro vs. Texas
MSU: Randall vs. RHS

1 PM Games:

Memorial: Texas vs. RHS JVA
McNiel: Palo Duro vs. Burk
MSU: Little Elm vs. WFHS

5 PM Games:

Memorial: Little Elm vs. Rider
McNiel: Abilene vs. Randall
Field E: HHS vs. RHS JVA

Note: Field E is GWFSA Field E, located to the northwest side of the WFISD Sports Complex, next to Memorial Stadium

Teams will play within their division for the entire tournament. Both divisions will be played in a round-robin format. There will be no championship games. The winner of each division will be determined by the following point system:

Win: 6 points
Tie: 3 points
Shutout: 1 point
Goals: 1 point/goal (max 5)
Max. points: 12 per game (theoretically a 5-0 shutout)


1. Head-to-head
2. Goals scored
3. Goals allowed
4. Yellow/Red cards (1/2 point against)
5. Coin Toss