New Aviation Program Reaches Milestone

Carter Aviation Technologies announced today the completion of the first milestone in the flight-testing of its new personal air vehicle (PAV). The craft is the company's second generation, proof-of-concept aircraft set to demonstrate revolutionary technology with a combination of rotorcraft and fixed-wing aerodynamics. On January 5th, the PAV completed a 36 minute flight while testing new sensors recently installed, phase I in Carter's new flight-test program.

The milestone flight designation is outlined in an economic development incentive agreement that Carter has with the City of Wichita Falls, TX. The company said, "our first aircraft proved the viability of our technology. This aircraft translates that technology into a viable consumer product. Each of these milestones moves us one step closer to our final goal by providing the funding to refine our technology for commercialization."

"The PAV incorporates several significant advances developed during the testing of Carter's original proof-of-concept aircraft. Most systems have been automated with new computer controls, greatly reducing the pilot workload. Test pilot, Larry Neal, sums it up with a simple statement after completing the 36-minute flight, "this aircraft is unbelievably fun to fly."

The PAV is completing phase I of its flight-test regimen which refines the flight control systems of the gyro performance segment including the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability of the PAV. For phase II of the test plan Carter will add the 45-foot wing section to the aircraft and begin flight-tests to refine the slowed rotor/compound flight aspects that define their SR/CTM technology.