The Price of Fire Protection

Texoma Fire Chiefs are speaking about another department's cost-cutting measure. A volunteer fire department in Knox County, Tennessee is implementing a new subscription policy. Homeowners will be offered a yearly membership to the fire protection service. If they don't pay the fee, they will be charged large fees for use of services.

Newschannel 6 wanted to know if that thought had crossed the mind of any local VFDs. The answer: A resounding "NO!"  "We do not charge for service on anything it doesn't matter what we… we're not paying we're not charging anybody for any services we do," said Holliday VFD Chief Mike Roberts.

Roberts says that when his department has a need, the community comes together to fill it. The fire station is in the middle of a renovation. Most of the kitchen appliances for the re-do were donated by citizens. The plumbing and electrical work was completed at no cost by tradesmen that are VFD members.

In case of any drastic need for money, Roberts says he is confident the town would rally. "Anything that we have that we need for sure right then there's enough ranchers and people in Henrietta that would donate the money to us in a heartbeat," he said.

Paul Harrop, Newschannel 6