Man Pleads Guilty in Swat Standoff

Xavier Evans
Xavier Evans

A man with a lengthy criminal background confessed to his crimes Friday in Wichita County Court.

Xavier Evans has pleaded guilty to the 4 charges against him: assault family violence, possession of cocaine, and 2 counts of evading arrest. Evans was the subject of a SWAT standoff that disrupted a Wichita Falls neighborhood in June 2010.

The state admitted confessions from Evans.

Judge Bob Brotherton accepted the plea bargain. Evans will serve 4 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice facility for Assault Family Violence and 15 months in a state jail facility for each of the other charges.

The sentences will run concurrently and Evans will get credit for time served.

Some cases at the Wichita County Courthouse seem to take years in before going to trial. However this case needed a couple of months for a couple of key reasons.

"Those in jail who can't make bail take the very top of all criminal cases," explains Judge Robert P. Brotherton.

During Friday's hearing, Evans was shackled, wearing an orange Wichita County jumpsuit.

Since Evans accepted the state's plea bargain, he did not have to wait for a jury trial. Jury trials happen roughly every 2 weeks. Instead the judge quickly heard Evans confession Friday and swiftly sentenced him to state custody.

Newschannel 6 was the only media source in the courtroom Friday. We were also first on the scene for the SWAT standoff that lead to Evans arrest in June.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6