Clerks Takes Hammer to Robber

An Iowa convenience store clerk used a object for self defense he probably never though he would use, a hammer.

The clerk says he normally uses it to fix a nail behind a clock, but this weekend just after midnight he found another purpose for it.

Officials say a robber came into the store asking for the cash.

"'I got a knife, and I want the money out of the cash register.' And I says, 'What did you say?' He repeated it, and the third time he repeated it, I hit him in the head with a hammer," Glen Zirbel said.

Officials say the clerk only hit the robber with the handle, but he still fled the building empty-handed.

Zirbel added that the hammer had probably been there for 10 years, but it was first time he had ever used it on a guy.

Currently, there are no suspects in the case.