Survey Finds Most People Work While Sick

During cold and flu season, most people will get sick at least once, but they don't always stay home from work. In fact, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 72% of working people say they go to work, even when they're under the weather.

At Texoma Community Credit Union, administrators have an all-around policy for that type of thing.

"If you are sick, please stay home.  And that's for the well-being of our members, also for the well-being of our staff," said Marketing Director Rachel Wheat.

A bug is especially prone to spread at a workplace like hers because of all the money that changes hands.  In the Harris Interactive poll, 53% of people say they've gotten sick from an employee who chose to go to work.

Sarah Schooley, a teller at TCCU, says when she's been sick, her supervisor always understands.

"I'll call in and say, 'I'm sick, I don't feel well.'  She'll say, 'Stay home.'  They always just want us to stay home," she said.

Wheat also stresses that it's better to have a healthy replacement do someone's work than to have a sick person try to stick through it.

"I think productivity is at its best when we're all healthy and well, and if you come into work ill, then obviously you're not gonna get as much work done as you could when you come into work well," she said.

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Spencer Blake, Newschannel 6