Drug Case Moves Forward on VC Gang Member

A grand jury has indicted a suspected gang member on drug charges.

A gang task force officer saw a white Hyundai failing to stop at a stop sign on Avenue Q and Fillmore in early January. The officer stopped the vehicle and said he smelled marijuana.

The officer says he recognized the driver, Alfredo Corral, 23, as a VC gang member. Officers said Corral had no driver's license which is a violation of the gang injunction.

During a search of the vehicle they say they found a purse with .035 oz of marijuana belonging to Stephanie Heaston, 24. Officers say they also found 7.69 oz of marijuana in the glove box.

Both Corral and Heaston is charged with Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana in a drug free zone. Prior to the traffic stop, the vehicle had passed an elementary school.

A Wichita County Grand jury indicted Corral on one count of possession of marijuana, more than four ounces, less than five pounds and one count of fraud use/possession of identifying information.