WFISD Keeps Staff Updated on Legislative Issues

On Monday WFISD officials convened for a school board meeting.  Speaking at that meeting was Superintendent George Kazanas who talked on updates made in the legislature and what it means for the district.  He gave the board and those in attendance updates from the Senate Finance Committee and the deficit the Foundation School Program will likely face, according to the Senate that number is $9.3 billion.

Aside from that he said he will continue to update the district with any new information from the Legislature.  We also spoke with WFISD Board of Trustees President Reginald Blow and a teacher who say communication is key in getting through this tight budget.

Despite a projected loss of $4 to $6 million in revenue coming in from the state, trustees and employees had nothing but a positive outlook.

"We just have to look at what's going to be best for the kids overall and something that's going to impact them the least," said Tiada Radtke, Rider Volleyball Coach and Teacher.

She says they're preparing for cuts coming in from the state by meeting and brainstorming ideas with fellow teachers.

"What areas do we think could be something we could give up and still maintain the level of athletics and academics that we have at our campus," said Radtke.

For Reginald Blow, The Board of Trustees President, it's about getting their concerns across to the legislature. That's why he created a governmental relations committee, a group of people that contacts their state and national representatives with questions they have.

"We're being as proactive as we can," said Blow.  "We're not sitting back and waiting to see what will happen.  We're sharing it with everybody we can get in touch with."

He also went on to say that despite the financial burdens WFISD is facing, they're still in pretty good shape, they have a long list of supporters, and money in the bank should anything happen.  And as Reginald Blow says it's about keeping the kids learning, the lights on and the buses running.

When we spoke with Kazanas about the budget cuts a little more than a week ago he said right now there are no particular programs they're eyeing to ease the reduction.  The cuts would likely come from funds used to stock their supplies, equipment, travel, and staff development.

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Tim Powers also spoke to the board this evening about their iPad use.  In August the district purchased some through federal money and in his report Powers said teachers have been very pleased with the results.