Burkburnett's Dog Pound Super Fans

Reported by: Charlie Bartlett

Burkburnett's one of the best basketball teams in the state, ranked number four in Class 3A. They're disciplined and very dangerous on the court, but there's one more thing off the court, that makes them bark.

The Dunkin' Dogs do the talking and the Dog Pound Super Fans do the talking.

"The Dog Pound is a group of students that yell at the other team's when they come," said Senior Super Fan Canon Cornelis.

"It's pretty crazy, you have to experience it to understand," said Senior Super Fan Bret Lewis. "You have to be here, everybody's yelling really loud."

"It's pretty wild, it's really loud, but it's a lot of fun being with your friends, being with your classmates just screaming at random people," said Senior Super Fan Tyler Scroggin.

For the past three years, they've anchored the voice of the Dog Pound, wearing the black and white. It's their pride and passion.

"I know a lot of people comment about how much they like us, the other team doesn't like us, but a lot of the fans enjoy it," said Senior Super Fan Nathan Durst.

"It's so much fun," said Cornelius. "We're lucky to get to cheer for these guys, we appreciate it so much, how much hard work they put in. We just feel like it's our responsibility to come out and support the team."

With the extra help from the Super Fans, the Dunkin' Dogs haven't lost a home game since the 2007 season. They feel they're one of the many reasons why the Dogs are so good at home.

"That's the ultimate goal is to support our team and make it to where the other teams don't want to come play here and don't feel comfortable here," said Cornelius.

"Sometimes they say stuff back to us and that just makes us more happy because we know we're getting to them," said Lewis.

The Super Fans discourage the opposing team in many ways they can, but sometimes, it's on the referees.

"Every time there's a bad call we get the Jaws theme going and hold up a big six-foot bull shark," said Scroggin.

"The bull shark gets pretty funny and just a lot of the chants that we do, we get in their heads like when they shoot free throws," said Durst.

The Dog Pound never misses a chance to root for their team. Every home game they get louder and even crazier, always believing their tradition will carry on.

The Burkburnett Dunkin' Dogs have never won a state championship. The closest they got was in the 2008 title game, which they lost in overtime. The Dog Pound hopes to change that this year.