Illiterate Individuals Face Financial and Health Risks

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy 13 percent of Wichita County residents lack basic literacy skills, in the state that number is 19 percent, nationwide 14 percent.  It's a statistic that doesn't seem to go down, and the problems it creates only get worse.

"I did an intake on an individual last year and she had lost her home," said Sue Gream with the Wichita Adult Literacy Council.

Not only has she seen people lose their home because they don't understand what they're signing, but often times someone's health is at risk.

"Mom not understanding the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon and over medicating the child," she said.

Sometimes it can be a deadly combination that can affect anyone and the only way to fix it is to seek help. Sue says people become illiterate because they simply did not go to school or they transferred from school to school and did not get their proper education.

"If you cannot read you basically cannot do anything you're paralyzed, you cannot read a map you can't get a job on the computer, you can't do anything," said Gream.

The literacy council wants to help those individuals.  They will have a one hour information session on Thursday January 27 at 6 PM.  The actually orientation is January 29 and February 5 from 9 AM - 4 PM.  The are located at the First Texas Building, Workforce Solutions Board Office at 901 Indiana, Suite 180.  Call Sue or Alice at 767-5257 for more information.  Click here for their website.