Vandals Paint Racist Message in Texoma Community

People in a Wichita Falls community are recovering from the shock of seeing racial slurs painted along a fence.

Police say the vandals wrote the message along the brick wall outside the Candlewood community off of Bridgecreek Dr.

According to police reports, vandals wrote the disturbing message sometime Thursday before it was reported at around 5:30 p.m.

Swastikas, along with a stick figure hanging from a post, and other racist graffiti were painted outside the upscale neighborhood. Once the city was alerted to the message, a crew of two people removed the graffiti Friday afternoon. The independent contractor assigned to clean up the spray paint said racism can strike anywhere.

"What this tells me now that it's expanded out now and there is not any neighborhoods that are untouched by graffiti," said contractor Danny Cary. "And if the residents would just pay attention, turn it in when they see it, the city will respond to it and get it taken care of."

It took a crew of two people less than 15 minutes to remove the damaging messages with a chemical mixture.

"Something as derogatory as this needs to be taken off immediately," explained Cary.

Racial vandalism has hit the candlewood community before.

Dr. Sherrette Fontenot, a resident of the community, knows all too well the problems of racism. Back in 2008, her home was hit by vandals with racial comments. The newest message, less than two blocks from her home, is an awful reminder for her three children.

"The children were pretty upset when they saw it," she said. "The level of hate is escalating."

However some say in tough times, the community comes together.

"When we drove up, there was a homeowner out here, trying to get rid of it," said Cary. "And I think that shows pride of ownership. He did not want this in his neighborhood."

Dr. Fontenot agrees the issue of racism needs to be discussed before the community can get better.

"If we don't talk about this, it will only get worse," she said.

Currently the police do not have any suspects. If caught, the vandals will be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor. The punishment can result in a fine or jail time.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6