Preparations Underway as Crippling Weather Heads to Texoma

Everyone needs to prepare for the winter blast headed our way and that includes making sure prescriptions are filled, groceries are stocked and emergency items are ready to go for your vehicle.

Stores are also preparing for the crippling weather poised to hit Texoma.  Sutherlands Home Improvement had workers stocking the shelves with much needed winter weather items in full display. Some supplies proved to be more popular than others.

"Today we had a few calls for ice melt, fire wood, a lot of people preparing for it, faucet covers are a big item today," said Assistant Store Manager Matt Wiles.

Heaters are also a hot commodity but for shopper Kristen Toulen there was another piece of equipment she was in need of, "I bought faucet covers," said Toulen. "I wanted to make sure I was prepared because it's supposed to be even colder this week."

Shovels and ice scrappers were at the bottom of the list for shoppers at Sutherlands; though if you don't have one to use be sure to get one, you'll need it come Tuesday.

"People wait until the last minute to get the stuff but we do have plenty of stuff right now."

If your pipes end up bursting it could cost you a few hundred dollars in repairs so getting pipe insulation is definitely worth it. Of course don't forget about your plants and pets they need attention as well.

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Also, if it does snow, we'd love to see your wintertime pictures.  Email them to us at and we might just put them on TV.