TXDOT Crews Work to Clear the Roadways

TXDOT crews have been working on the roads since 6 p.m. Monday. We spoke to them around 4 a.m. Tuesday. They tell us they've been plowing and sanding I-44, 287, Highway 79, US 82 and FM 369.

Since Friday TXDOT crews have been preparing for the sleet and snow.

"Today (Monday) we went ahead and put all the snow plows on the vehicles," said TXDOT Representative Adele Lewis. "We got another order of de-icing stones, and we are filling up the vehicles this evening in preparation for the storm to come in."

TXDOT has 78 snow plows covering all nine area counties, they're parked now, but come Tuesday they won't be.

"We need every man on board in a slow plow working the roads," said Lewis.

She says there is a priority list when tending to those certain roads.  The top of the list are the heaviest traveled areas.

"That's 287 and I-44, once those roads are passable and clear then we will pan out to 82, Kell Freeway, Southwest Parkway and other areas that carry a tremendous amount of traffic," she said.

If you can stay off the roads then by all means do so because the last thing you want is to be a stranded motorist on one of the coldest days we've seen in years.

"Make sure they're taking the best car they own, it's full of gas has good tires on it."

As far as TXDOT courtesy patrols Adele says they will consider those patrols once the roads clear up either Tuesday night or on Wednesday.'

For those that love taking pictures, if the white stuff does fall we would love to see your wintertime pictures, email them to us at news@kauz.com and we might just put 'em on TV.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.