Texoma Teacher Goes Behind The Wheel

As you bundle up and stay warm inside this evening, we want to remind you that tonight is the big night behind the wheel for one Texoma teacher.

Saint Jo teacher, Dianne LeClair, is spinning the wheel tonight on Wheel of Fortune all in hopes of winning big!

And finding out how she got to the spot behind the wheel was just as fun.

LeClair filled us in on Inside Texoma this past Sunday and talked about everything from how she was selected, to her experience in front of the cameras.

"We practiced spinning the wheel which is a maneuver in itself, because it's over 2300 pounds they told us. I never would have dreamed that. But the wheel was over 2300 pounds." said Dianne LeClair.

Under the Inside Texoma tab, you can hear more from Dianne about her take on the glitz and glam of the show, plus some secrets that she learned about Vanna White that you don't want to miss.

Once again watch Dianne to see how she does, tonight at 6:30 on Wheel of Fortune on Newschannel 6.