Towing Companies Keep Busy

The severe weather conditions have created treacherous roads that prove to be too dangerous for many drivers.  That means area towing companies are left to come to their rescue.

"It's challenging. I wouldn't say it's frustrating, it's challenging," said General Manager and Truck Operator of Big Daddy's Tow & Recovery Services, John Vasquez. "We're going to get their car out one way or the other."

For John a full day has almost come and gone and he's had little to no sleep, yet he continues to work.

"We were out here for the snowstorm of Christmas of two years ago and we have been out here today," he said.

The first snow storm of the year has filled his day with surprises, whether it's pulling out a PT Cruiser or an 18-Wheeler, he still has plenty more work to do.

"We've been swamped today, all day today.  We've done in excess of 75 completed calls and we still have 20 to 25 holding," said Vasquez.

Office Manager of Big Daddy's Deitra Ashton says the day has been her busiest yet

"Probably taking 20 calls an hour at least.  I've been through the summer, the summer is pretty crazy, truck wrecks are pretty crazy , but this is nothing I've had to do before so it's an experience," she said.

Hundreds of calls poured into their offices on Tuesday from across the area leaving them to decide the fate of the caller on whether or not they'll head out there and if they do just how long it might be.

"We have quite a few trucks, it's just keeping them all going and keeping those in them safe.  That takes a lot of work," said Ashton.

"If you don't have to come out don't come out, the roads are bad," said Vasquez.

For the crew at Big Daddy's Wednesday is certain to bring in even more calls.

Big Daddy's traveled to other area cities like Henrietta and Bellevue, but that just depends on how busy they are.  If they get too busy they will say no and only stay within the city limits.

Towing services say the most important calls come from those stuck on the side of a highway or those who are blocking traffic.