Letter Carriers Brave the Frigid Weather

During this February freeze postal workers trudged their way across Texoma to deliver mail.  Snow or shine, they're out there.

Lorna Temblador has worked as a letter carrier for the past 26 years and says she has never experienced anything like this.

"I don't remember the temperatures being this low two days in a row with ice and snow," she said.

So she does whatever it takes to stay warm, covering her body as best she can and if bearing the frigid weather isn't bad enough, driving, well that's a nightmare.

"The sliding around, trying to control the vehicle is hard."

It's a job that has to get done.  Lorna says she has more than 1,000 stops, though 3/4 of her coverage is apartment complexes so most of her stops come at one time, but still some prove to be more difficult than others.

Lorna and other letter carriers urge home owners to clear their drive and steps to keep the postal workers safe.

"Clear the steps, those are very treacherous, walking up there.  If you could just clear that little area up to the porch that will help out a lot."

The past two days have been rough but there is one thing she has in mind to make her day a little warmer

"I'm ready to go home and get in a hot shower."

If roads prove to be too tough for them, it's up to the carrier to decide if they will or will not deliver the mail.  Some areas did not receive their mail because of the weather conditions.

There have been a few injuries with some letter carriers, like broken wrists and some falls but nothing too severe.