County Roads in Better Shape Than City's

The February Freeze continues to plague Wichita Falls drivers with slick, icy roads. But, folks who live in outlying areas are faring much better.

Most roads in Iowa Park and Electra are in pretty good shape. While there are patches of ice along side streets, drivers are enjoying mostly dry main roads. West of Wichita Falls 287 is clear and dry all the way to Electra. Even county roads like Hwy. 25 and Hwy. 370 are nearly completely dry.

But, drivers in outlying communities are still facing problems with snow and ice. Electra City Administrator Stephen Giesbrecht said many who live out in the county rely on Wichita Falls to do their shopping. It's the icy roads in town, he said, that have many drivers staying home.

Wichita County Road Foreman for Precinct 4 Robert Davis said that's a good idea for now. "I'd shop locally if I could," he said. "I know Walmart's got the better prices but, right now, I don't know that better price is worth it or not."

While many roads throughout the county are in good shape, there is still a danger of ice and Davis recommended drivers still be careful. "If you don't have to get out in it," he said, "it'd be better off staying home where it's warm." If you get stranded in weather like this, he said, "you're gonna freeze."

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.