Plumbers Staying On Top of Frantic Calls

It's a problem that will only get worse as the weather gets warmer, frozen and busted pipes.  Plumbers are just beginning to get those frantic phone calls and they say they're doing all they can to come to their rescue.

Plumber and owner of Brian's Plumbing says they have been averaging 40 to 50 calls recently and he says more will come pouring in when the weather warms up and the frozen water starts gushing out.  With only 10 trucks, staying on top of those calls can be hard, but his business is managing.

"We don't have 4-wheel trucks, just regular trucks we take is slow and easy and that's the hard part is getting to somebody's home," said Walser.

So far he says they haven't said no to any callers, though the wait can take upwards of two hours, and if you've fallen victim to a frozen or busted pipe that time can be spent doing something beneficial.

Homeowners need to find and shut off their water valve because if the pipes freeze or even worse burst shutting it off needs to be your top priority.

"If you need too, get shut off rods and keys or go outside and figure out where to turn your water off, do it now before the pipes start spewing because then you will be frantically trying to figure out what to do."

A pipe that doesn't have flowing water likely means that's it's frozen and it needs to be thawed out with heat; for that you probably won't get a hold of a plumber because they're busy fixing the ones that have already busted.

If you haven't already you can go ahead and buy pipe insulation to put on those exposed areas and also allow your water to drip because running water is harder to freeze than stagnant water.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.