Exclusive: Monitoring Your Baby Monitor

There's a hot product that parents can't seem to get enough of. Video baby monitors are growing more popular. The devices allow parents to not only hear what's going on in the baby's room, but also see.

The sets from around $100-$250 and work wirelessly. The camera transmits an analog video signal in the UHF microwave spectrum. However, the beam does not stop at your house – meaning anyone in the vicinity, including predators, can tune-in your toddler.

"That's kind of creepy! They don't tell you that on the packaging, that someone could just tune into your monitor as they drive down the streets," said Marysa Garrison, a Wichita Falls Mom. She first heard about the monitors the night before we met her. "I am not kidding… I told my husband this morning we were talking about baby monitors at mom's night out last night, they were telling me how wonderful they are because you can see what they are doing… I was going to buy a video monitor today and I'm not going to do it now," said Garrison.

Marysa's friend Loren Frey already has a video baby monitor. "She's gotten good use out of it. We love it, when they are babies you're worried about them are they breathing and that kind of stuff… When they're taking naps you watch and make sure they're not getting in trouble," she explained.

Still, she had no idea the signal could be intercepted. "I was really surprised," she said. Loren does not know if she will continue using her monitor.

If you would like to view tips on how to keep your kids safe, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has information online.

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