Businesses React to February Freeze

Friday, the February Freeze finally started to thaw. Inspired by the warmed temperatures, many hit the roads to shop.

The Wichita Falls Best Buy and other Texoma businesses were severely hurt by the storm, even though many stores have been open since Tuesday.

"Because of the roads, business has been slower, the traffic has been slower in the store. We've had a few people braving it, but overall it's been slower the last few days," said Kerry Beaver, the store manager at Target. "Folks were not getting out for the past couple of days just because of the roads, but that's actually starting to change."

Willie Harmon, the owner of Willie's Place, a Burger shop on Loop 11 agreed. "It's been tough. The roads around here are pretty rough, pretty slick," he said. "As the roads thaw out, it's coming back."

As the ice on the roads turned to slush, businesses began to see customers back in their stores. Sikes Center, jumping on the warm weather, had a snow plow to clear out the parking lot.

According to a manager at Dillards, business this week was dead. Yet to many, Friday's warmer weather was a sign to shop.

Christal Maxwell, was out with her son Nicholas, to get out of her house and into the stores.

"It's been driving me crazy. We live out in Kamay, we've been shut in for several days," she said. "I'm ready to get back out and do what we do!"

For customers at Target, anything was used as an excuse to cure cabin fever.

"Grocery shopping and we've tried to find a new vacuum," said Caris Bryan, a mother out shopping with her baby boy.

The Target store manager said he heard many were struggling with cabin fever.

"Actually I've had a lot of people saying that just want to get out of the house and do something. A lot of people are needing groceries and things like that," said Beaver.

Not all establishments were feeling the squeeze due to the storm. Business at Buffalo Wild Wings is better now than this time last year.

"We've actually done really good from the storm. A lot of other businesses have been closed, so we've been open. We've had shorter hours, but we've had a lot of turn out," said Stephanie Carter, the manager at Buffalo Wild Wings. "People coming in, just getting out of the house cause of cabin fever."

The city of Wichita Falls is also expected to come out in the red. 2 percent of all sales tax revenue goes to fund various projects. The lack of sales for the week will most likely make a dent. However the full figure isn't expected until later this month.

Mary Moloney, Newschannel 6