February Freeze: Combating Slushy Streets

The February Freeze continues to wreak havoc on the streets of Texoma. In Wichita Falls, Streets Department crews are working to help clear the roads, but so are drivers. Simply by driving on the ice during the day time, the wheels helped turn the frozen mess to slush.

"The drivers are actually doing a wonderful job at helping to clear the roads," said Streets Superintendent Larry Krugle. Krugle and his team have been using chat trucks to add traction to slick spots and graders to clear the slush. Still, he says, there is only so much his team can do. "We can be available with our ice chat trucks and put that aggregate down to help with traction or whatever when necessary, that's basically what we'll be doing tonight," said Krugle.

Drivers have taken special care on the icy mess. Ramiro Franco is a pizza delivery driver. His shift Thursday night is one he won't soon forget. "First off, I just want to thank God for getting me home safe," exclaimed Franco. He drives a van and says it does not do very well on the slick surfaces. "Some of those vehicles just slip and slide all over the place," he said.

Krugle says his best advice is to stay off the roads, but if you must drive: "Pretend like the whole town is a big school zone and do 20 miles per hour, especially on the ice," he suggests.

Friday night, the Streets Department was still assessing a plan for Saturday and the weekend. In the afternoon, there were a number of chat trucks and graders working to help the streets get cleared up. When the sun went down, the slushy roads re-froze. Newschannel 6 crews reported surfaces were more slippery than in previous days. Black ice was reported.

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