Texomans Venture Out

On Saturday Texomans spent time away from home and headed inside shopping centers and restaurants.  After being cooped up inside all week, everybody we spoke with says its been nice to get out.

"Just been out everywhere, shopping, getting out of the house and enjoying the sunshine," said Stephanie Doame, who we found shopping at Ross.

"Coming to see a movie, just trying to get out, been snowed in for a few days, said Chris Norcross.

"I was ready to get out, I'm really glad it was warm today," said Kate Syrus who picked up some groceries at Walmart.

Most people spent the day stacking up their groceries, like Jerald Thomas, "Picking up groceries and taking care of errands."  Though it wasn't hard for him to notice the downfall of leaving his Lake Arrowhead home on such a busy day.

"The traffic is very very heavy, the stores are packed, and the shelves are running empty," he said.

Freddy Ozuna decided to dine out.  For the last four days he too was stranded inside his home.  He no longer feels cabin fever sinking in, but he is planning for next week.

"Hoping that this weather doesn't come in like they say it's supposed too so I can get back to work," said Ozuna.

The City of Wichita Falls as a whole will likely see a dent in sales tax revenue.  The full figure won't be known until the end of the month.