Texoma Agriculture Industry Hit Hard By February Freeze

The agriculture industry in Texoma has already been hit hard by the February Freeze and many livestock producers are spending Tuesday preparing for round two.

Newschannel 6 Lindsey Rogers talked with a couple of local farmers about their losses and how they are trying to cope with more winter weather on the way.

The winter weather is taking its toll on Texoma farmers and ranchers.

"One of the things you'll never see on the crawl on your TV is a ranch or farm is closed. That's when you have to work hardest," Mike Campbell said.

Campbell and his brother own some cattle in southern Clay County.

He posted these pictures from last week on our facebook page.

"if you have cattle trying to get out on tanks to get water if you haven't broken it they could fall in," Campbell said.

We talked to a farmer in Windthorst who actually lost 20 steers after they fell through a pond on Friday.

He also lost several newborn calves to the frigid temps and had about 50 of his dairy cows are suffering from what he compared to as a severe form of frost bite.

These types of losses can quickly add up into the thousands, not to mention the cost of extra feed.

"In the winter, cows usually do well expect in the extreme cold. They need extra hay and cow prices are good but feed prices are high too," Campbell said.

But, in some ways the heavy snowfall is helping Texoma farmers and ranchers.

"It's really good for the wheat field it soaks into the soil we always look forward to a good rain however we can get it," Campbell said.

There is disaster assistance available for some livestock producers through the USDA.  FSA officials are encouraging farmers and ranchers to document and notify them of the number and kind of livestock they've lost as a direct result of the February freeze.

They are also asked to keep track of all additional costs associated with extra feed.

To see if you qualify click here to see the fact sheets for these programs.