February Freeze: Wichita County Getting Ready For Second Round

Wichita County Leaders are learning from mistakes made during the first wave of the February Freeze and the Christmas Blizzard of '09 as they get ready for the second wave of the February Freeze.

Officials are most concerned with the condition of the roadways. Sheriff David Duke told commissioners meals were unable to be delivered during the February Freeze and even an ambulance became stuck in the snow.

According to Judge Woody Gossom the county has limited resources available to clean a wide space. He says, "We only have 6 people in each of the road crews and when you are trying to cover 600 square miles, 400 miles of road plus parking lots for county buildings and things, that's not a whole lot of people to go around."

Gossom does stress that high concern areas such as the annex will be cleared. However, if an area needs to be cleaned more than once due to drifting snow commissioners will need to be contacted.
The sheriff says his office will be in contact at all times with commissioners.

As of now, there are no plans to purchase additional equipment or hire more road-workers.