Texoma Stores Prepare for Round Two of February Freeze

Grocery stores in Wichita Falls geared up for another big hit as the second round of the February Freeze approached.

Staff at the United Supermarket on Old Iowa Park Road kicked into overdrive Tuesday getting ready for another big push. Service Manager Victoria Hernandez said bread, eggs, milk and water were flying off the shelf. But, she said, they have been fortunate in keeping stocked since the first storm hit last week.

"Even though it snowed and iced," Hernandez said, "We never missed a truck." They did run low on some items, she said, so they over-ordered for the coming storm. Hernandez also said the store is over-staffed in preparation for the rush.

Some other folks weren't as fortunate with their deliveries. Some shelves at the Walmart off Southwest Parkway were empty Sunday. Store managers add their shipments were erratic last week. And, their main bread vendor had such bad weather-related issues, they couldn't make it for days.

Store officials said Tuesday they were caught up on getting product in. And, they said, shelves were stocked and ready to go.

Hernandez said she was surprised at how busy they stayed every day last week. Even during the heart of the February Freeze, she said, people kept coming in. This time, she won't be surprised.

"Oh we're ready," she said. "We're ready and we're here."

Tim Barnosky, Newschannel 6.