February Freeze: TXDOT Prepares Again

It has been a busy 10 days for the crew of the Texas Department of Transportation in the Wichita Falls office. Hot off the heels of a cold February Freeze (Round 1) they are prepped for part d'eux.

The office got another load of Freezeguard in Friday, then took Sunday off to rest. Monday was spent repairing a battered fleet. Adele Lewis, TXDOT Public Information Officer says some of the trucks were quite banged up in the first go-round.  "One truck's dashboard even fell apart," she said. New scraper blades were installed and mechanics spent Tuesday getting all the motors in top condition.

Another big step taken Tuesday was the shifting of equipment. The TXDOT Lubbock office is sending vehicles and manpower to other parts of Texas that are less-equipped. Some of the Wichita Falls equipment could wind up assisting other parts of the state, but Lewis says not until roads in Texoma are clear.

The cold winds arrived late Tuesday evening, and with them certain Winter precipitation. TXDOT just hopes it more snow than ice. "Snow is a whole lot easier to fight because we can plow snow, we can't plow ice," said Lewis. Regardless of what falls around the 'Falls, Lewis says her team is ready. "Everybody is on 12 hour shifts, we will have people working around the clock," she said.

Crews have sprayed Freezeguard in trouble spots and are waiting for the roads to get bad, so they can work to make them better. Lewis offers advice  "Take it slow, take a car that has good tread on the tires, make sure you have a full tank of gas and make sure you have your cell phone and go 15-20 miles per hour and well all get there safely," she said.